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What you can expect from a session


Visual Storytelling ideas generation and prototyping
Real life case studies analysis and hands-on practice
Visual Storytelling production and project management
Audience-centred managed communication
Best practices to turn stakeholders into power brokers
Visual Storytelling powerfully advocating for your message


Please note that training and consulting is fully tailored to partner’s requests and needs.  Contact me at consulting [at] TheStorytelling [dot] Academy to begin a conversation.

Latest Training Events


Turin World Affairs Institute (T.wai)

T.wai – Turin University in Turin (Italy) on 29 November, 2018.

Aim: To review rooted grammars of storytelling for socio-political communication on digital platforms.  I addressed the case of the digital campaign Kony 2012 to mark the shift from ‘digital stakeholders’ to ‘power brokers’.

An academic paper (roughly 12K words) on the subject is currently under peer-revision for the Cambridge Journal of International Affairs.  The Abstract is available here.

In the picture, exploring the Kony 2012’s Campaign through Jung’s archetypes.



Shanghai Institute for the Visual Arts (SIVA)

SIVA Shanghai University in Shanghai (China) throughout the whole of June, 2018.

Aim: To train undergraduate students on a learn-by-doing framework on creating a short project in interactive multimedia production to be published online as part of their digital portfolio.

Participants commented….


Visual Storytelling Master Classes in China

Beijing Normal University in Beijing (China) on 05 June, 2018.

Aim: the assess montage as key to visual communication analysis and production.


The Future Of Digital Journalism

BBC Arabic Service Festival in London (UK) on 24 April, 2018.

Aim: to introduce the rationale and potential of my funded mobile App – The Meta-Image as a tool to teach, learn and produce interactive visual journalism.

More information can be assessed here.


Visual Storytelling For Social Justice

International Labour Organisation (ILO) Headquarter in Geneva (Switzerland) on 08 January, 2018.

Aim: to explore how powerful images can be strategically combined with digital platforms to make images become the story..

The Organiser commented…

Dr Massimiliano Fusari is an expert digital visual storyteller who opens up new ways of seeing and revealing the world around us through the image. He is professional, creative and engaging, with the ability to inspire through his work.

Dr Fusari explored the potential of digital visual storytelling in a development context, generating much interest from participants, including representatives from a number of UN agencies.


Visual Communication And Digital Storytelling For Gender Mainstreaming

International Labour Organisation (ILO) at the Gender Academy of the United Nations in Turin (Italy) on 20-22 November, 2017.

Aim: to strategically employ visual communication and digital storytelling towards gender mainstreaming activities and comprehensive policies.

The training presentation can be downloaded here.

Participants commented

“I learnt how to advocate for my campaign with digital media”

“You opened a new world to me”

“This workshop introduced me to totally new perspective of looking into stories with an analytical eye. Well done!”