Image Storytelling

There is a revolution going on…

Images are gaining momentum in the communication strategies of individuals, business and governments globally.  In a sea of digital information, being noticed or engaged with, even for a second, can make or break your message.

Strong visuals with carefully considered aesthetics will propel your Organisation’s message to the widest possible audience and may lend you access to significant powerbroking potential.

The basis of my PhD and current research is “The Image as Storytelling”. 

If today’s digital cultures, where ever they are in the world, are understood as fundamentally visual, then the ability to successfully create/decode them should be at the forefront of strategy for any public institution or private enterprise.

Visual storytelling, if handled with cultural sensitivity, allows you to construct a responsive image-based narrative that can be understood by today’s mobile-first global audiences.

My research shows how to use and leverage design aesthetics as a sensible, practical and creative tool to augment your visual communication strategy in the digital sphere.

Understanding the power of aesthetics to change the mood, tone or direction of a message (see below) means that you can tailor your output to meet/influence the emotional/intellectual requirements of your target audience implicitly.



In 2017 Prof. David Moore convened The Future of Photography Conference at the University of Westminster. The event saw the launch of The Image as Storytelling project in front of an invited audience including Clare Grafik, Senior editor at the London based Photographers’ Gallery, Anne bourgeois Vignon, Global director at Magnum Photos, and the photographer Simon Roberts.

If you would like to know more about visual storytelling please follow up on the short essay entitled Visual storytelling: where are we now.

You may also be interested in the developing The Meta-Image mobile app, training for visual storytelling or consulting for visual storytelling.

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